Westside Produce and Classic Fruit celebrate Melon Day

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Westside Produce and Classic Fruit celebrate Melon Day

On Aug. 13, California grower and distributor Westside Produce and melon producer and shipper Classic Fruit celebrated Melon Day, with the companies formalizing their strategic alliance.

 The firms announced their partnership in March, seeking to “to provide customers with melons 52 weeks a year.”

“In California, the hot, dry days bring on fantastic color and brix, while the cooler, velvet nights allow the plant to rest,” shares Westside Produce President Garrett Patricio.

And in time for Melon Day, August volumes have been bountiful.

“As we continue with the summer harvest, which is producing incredible yields, we have continued to strengthen our programs as an alliance to provide our customers with top quality melons during the best time to enjoy them,” said Classic Fruit’s Vice President of Sales and Business Development, Tom Ferguson.

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“A like-minded approach provides our customers with the best, most accurate information available to make buying decisions,” Patricio added.

Melons are a summer staple, while providing  excellent nutrition with only about 50 calories for a cup of cantaloupe).

Cantaloupe particularly is an excellent vitamin source providing 30% of the daily recommended vitamin A and a whopping 60% of the daily recommended vitamin C. 

These vitamins, which act as antioxidants in the body, are  shown to decrease the risk of developing certain diseases, including heart-related illness and cancer.

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