South African citrus shipping despite challenges

South African citrus shipping despite challenges

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South African citrus shipping despite challenges

Summer Citrus from South Africa on Aug. 15 released a 2023 season update as South African citrus growers entered the 33rd week of the association’s 25th season. Summer Citrus from South Africa is an umbrella brand for all parties involved in the program into the U.S.  

Summer Citrus grower-exporters have finished packing Navels and will soon start with Midknights. The industry has moved through its peak weeks of later Mandarin varieties and the quality and volumes are looking good.

Overall, the industry’s quality is looking good. 

The industry promotion group offers these statistics as of the end of week 32, which is Aug. 12. This industry has….

  • packed 75% of its overall estimates.
  • shipped 67% of its overall estimates.
  • shipped 37% of our estimates to the U.S. 

“The season is not without challenges,” the press release notes, “but we pride ourselves in providing real-time and continuous updated information to the industry.”

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Summer Citrus continues: “With continued weekly arrivals of fresh produce into the port of Philadelphia with either containers, our dedicated conventional vessels, or both, we have proven ourselves as a dependable partner for our customers. Our container service into Philadelphia compliments our dedicated conventional vessels.

“This program is made possible and is successful with a business model that manages supply and demand coupled with tremendous effort put into pre-planning. We do our best to predict what will be available and connect that back to the shipping plan to ensure accuracy and efficiency - all season long.

  “Our program is one-of-a-kind that includes all the service providers who communicate on a regular basis with each other as a collective unit, despite being competitors.”

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