Oppy expands international scope with Australian citrus

Oppy expands international scope with Australian citrus

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Oppy expands international scope with Australian citrus

Leading grower, marketer, and distributor Oppy is looking to strengthen its international scope by forging relationships with Australian citrus growers, aided by Richard Byllaardt and David Stevens, the firm’s newly designated field agents.

One of the largest and most successful citrus growers in Australia, his extensive travels throughout the Northern and Southern Hemisphere have enabled Byllardt to establish a vast network across the globe. 

He also currently serves as chair of Citrus Australia, chair of Australia and New Zealand’s International Fresh Produce Association and board director at the Global International Fresh Produce Association.

Stevens is a fourth-generation citrus grower, and widely regarded as one of Australia’s most experienced citrus agronomists. 

He also consults for a number of citrus growers across Australia and is also chair of the Citrus Australia regional advisory committee.

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"Richard's and David’s invaluable experience and knowledge will greatly benefit our endeavors," says Oppy's Category Director of Citrus and Avocados, Rodrigo Lopez. 

With this, Oppy is introducing its latest Australian citrus varieties, including the seedless Daisy and Dekopon mandarin. 

“Both of these varieties offer an unparalleled eating experience and exceptional quality,” Lopez adds.

Both the Dekopon mandarin and seedless Daisy are available now in the Ocean Spray label in bulk and bags.

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