Mango and dragon fruit available year-round

Mango and dragon fruit available year-round

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Mango and dragon fruit available year-round

dVida Company announced year-round availability for their mango and dragon fruit programs. 

Annabell Vidal, dVida’s CEO says, “Our clients depend on year-round availability of our tropicals. Ecuador, Peru, Mexico, and Brazil are reliable partners for dVida to supply year-round tropicals to the U.S. market.” 

The company indicates that dragon fruit, otherwise known as “pitaya” by Central Americans and “strawberry pear” by the Asian market, is always available.  

Mild climates with temperatures ranging between 64°F to 84°F in Palora, Ecuador provide a thriving growing season for dragon fruit.  This subtropical climate coupled with decades of farming experience within the region, produce a highly sought-after yellow dragon fruit.  

“Palora’s season starts toward the end of November, peaking in January, and will carry into the second quarter next year,” adds Vidal.  

Palora’s rich rainforest environment and humid growing conditions produce a consistent supply.  

Red dragon fruit is equally available year-round and well-recognized in the North American and Asian markets.  The red dragon fruit is grown and imported from the provinces of Manabi and Guayas which are coastal regions of Ecuador.

dVida’s imports mangos from Central America, South America, and Mexico - specifically Haden, Keitt, Kent, and Tommy Atkins – which are the most popular mango varieties among U.S. consumers. 

dVida Mango

“Since consumer education and promotion has increased for mangos over the past decade, we have seen a great increase in consumer per capita consumption,” states Ana Paula Jacome, dVida’s commercial director.  

“Tropicals are our forte, yet we have more to offer. Fresh ginger is sourced from Peru and limes from Mexico and Peru.  Cacao from Ecuador, which is favored by chocolate makers worldwide,” adds Jacome.  

For the past 80 years, Ecuador has been a recognized global leader in the world’s production of the finest cacao.

“In December, we will be exhibiting at the New York Produce Show with plenty of samples of our product line, tropical red and yellow dragon fruit, mango and cacao chocolate bars, powder and nibs,” says Jacome. 

Cacao nibs are a less processed but markedly less sweet version of dark chocolate.

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