Visionary Insights: Grape Snacking Benefits Eye Health

Visionary Insights: Grape Snacking Benefits Eye Health

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Visionary Insights: Grape Snacking Benefits Eye Health

By Sun World

New study reveals table grapes such as AUTUMNCRISP® from Sun World beneficially impact eye health.

Eye Health In The Digital Age

As unprecedented digital campaigns captivate global audiences, the number of eyes on screens seems to increase daily for consumers and marketers alike.  

With  consumers’ ever-increasing exposure to screens come potential concerns about long-term effects on eye health.

The Grape Advantage

Recent research published in the scientific journal Food & Function examined the impact of regular grape consumption on key indicators of eye health, reinforcing earlier studies where consuming grapes was found to protect retinal structure and function. The controlled study is the first of its kind to actually prove improved eye health following regular consumption of grapes.

AUTUMNCRISP® from Sun World

The study showed that adults who consumed 1 ½ cups of grapes per day for 16 weeks experienced a significant increase in macular pigment optical density, plasma antioxidant capacity and total phenolic content. In other words, key biomarkers of healthy eyes got stronger as adults ate grapes more regularly.

“Our study is the first to show that grape consumption beneficially impacts eye health in humans, which is very exciting especially with a growing aging population,” said Dr. Jung Eun Kim. “Grapes are an easy, accessible fruit that studies have shown can have a beneficial impact in normal amounts of just 1 ½ cups per day.”

AUTUMNCRISP® a Snack That Satisfies The Senses

Grapes are a snack historically known and coveted for being a healthy option in addition to factors like convenience and taste, giving these now-proven advantages for eye health the potential to further broaden their appeal within the produce market.

AUTUMNCRISP® from Sun World

So next time you find yourself searching for a snack, seize the opportunity to satisfy your eyes in addition to your tastebuds. With their giant size and unforgettable crunch, AUTUMNCRISP® grapes are a delicious and easy way to get the recommended 1 ½ cups a day!

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