Sun World sets the pace for industry innovation

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Sun World sets the pace for industry innovation

By  Sun World

Ever since they disrupted the produce business in the 1980s by introducing new proprietary fruits and vegetables to an industry accustomed to commodities, Sun World has been at the forefront of what’s next in the industry.

What’s next in breeding & technology

Sun World

Since the launch of its fruit genetics program over 30 years ago, Sun World has been perpetually ahead of the curve, consistently working to responsibly develop, market, and license the next big thing in produce. Now a global leader in fruit variety development and licensing, the company continues to push the boundaries of breeding and technology.

“Our team believes right now is the most exciting time in history to be in variety development,” says Jennifer Petersen,

EVP and chief science officer. Petersen’s team has an impressive portfolio of new varietals, specializing in table grape and stone fruit varieties while further developing programs in both cherries and mangoes.

Sun World’s breeding program spans 17 countries with 70,000+ acres planted and over 450+ plant patents held, making it one of the largest and longest running in the world. But the California-based company remains passionate about pursuing what’s next in genetics and increasing its contributions to a thriving global industry.

What’s next in branding 

While the company built a global supply platform and network of valued licensees, brands like AUTUMNCRISP® began winning fans and exceeding expectations in taste tests. The brand’s online launch and integrated global marketing campaign have been a glowing success, appealing to natural consumer affinity and building momentum as supplies reach record levels of international availability.

Sun World’s unprecedented marketing efforts and launch of the 2023 AUTUMNCRISP® brand grape campaign have redefined how global audiences experience table grapes, setting a new standard for branding that even inspired updates to their corporate branding and website. But they are far from finished with plans to host hundreds of global licensed fruit growers, marketers, retailers and industry partners at upcoming International Field Day events.

The Field Day in July, featuring Sun World’s early-season grape varieties, will celebrate the newest addition to the brand portfolio, an early red seedless grape variety marketed under the RUBY RUSH® brand. In August, they plan to host guests at the Sun World Center for Innovation in Wasco, California, where they will launch additional brands including APPLAUSETM and EPIC CRISP®️.

What’s next in licensing and sustainability

What do you do when you breed better fruit? For Sun World, the logical answer is to share those superb genetics with a larger audience. With an international licensing program and a multi-decade legacy of excellence, Sun World has become one of the foremost fruit licensors in the world and their global network is still expanding.

Sun World's network of licensed growers and marketers spans the globe with offices in the United States, Europe, Australia, South America, Israel, North and South Africa. Over 2,700 international growers benefit from Sun World's unique varietals.

No matter where they are located, all licensees receive support from Sun World to ensure varieties are grown successfully. The Sun World breeders focus on developing varieties that maximize yields, reduce water use, reduce pesticide use and grow more disease- and climate-resilient varieties.

This commitment to licensees is inspired by a deep understanding of the challenges growers face and aided by an ability to leverage emerging technologies to develop unparalleled genetics. Sun World plans to optimize licensee returns in the coming years by introducing a robust portfolio of new varietals and continuing branding strategy and marketing efforts.

To learn more about new genetics and opportunities from Sun World, visit, or contact the marketing team at

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