Sun World Makes Monumental Investment In Marketing AUTUMNCRISP® Grapes

October 04 , 2023

By Sun World

Sun World aims to transform the table grape category with a first of its kind global marketing campaign for AUTUMNCRISP® grapes.

Sun WorldFor the first time ever, a branded table grape will be marketed, recognized and sold all year round, all over the world.

This unprecedented marketing campaign for AUTUMNCRISP® brand grapes promises to redefine how global audiences experience table grapes, setting a new standard for global produce branding.

“Over the past 20 years, the produce industry had made great strides in successfully branding and marketing improved varieties of select fruits and vegetables, from apples and strawberries to pineapples and seedless watermelon,” says Sun World CEO David Marguleas. “The AUTUMNCRISP® brand grape is the perfect vehicle for transforming the table grape category in a similar fashion.”

A Fresh Identity

Sun WorldThe fully integrated AUTUMNCRISP® campaign will include exciting new branding to show in heavy digital marketing, media outreach, social media engagement and big, bold promotional materials in-store and in consumer spaces, all with intentions of turning this popular grape variety into a household name around the world.

It all starts with a fresh, new, vibrant and unforgettable brand identity to highlight the unmatched and irresistible crisp of Sun World’s greatest ever green grape. The exciting and creative rebrand effort is designed to captivate the senses, giving AUTUMNCRISP® a uniquely memorable identity that transforms a snack into a lifestyle trend.

Captivating Global Audiences

As it is true for any marketing campaign today, the online presence of AUTUMNCRISP® is critical to its success. These green grapes are poised to take the digital world by a storm with an aggressive and far-reaching marketing strategy.

Consumers, food enthusiasts, influencers and industry experts worldwide can expect a lasting impression with captivating visuals, informative content and interactive experiences worth drooling over.

Sun World

As Sun World built a global supply platform, AUTUMNCRISP® got a head start on winning fans and exceeding expectations in taste tests. This fall’s official online launch and integrated global marketing campaign arrives at the perfect time as supplies reach record levels and international availability expands.

While the outreach will be global, Sun World plans to also go deep in designated U.S. and Asian test markets, notes Vice President of Marketing Jennifer Sanchez. “Within these markets, which we will unveil in the coming weeks, we look forward to working closely with selected retailers and Sun World licensees to create meaningful ‘pull-through’ and illustrate AUTUMNCRISP®’s potential,” says Sanchez.

Interested parties can contact the Sun World marketing team to learn more.

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