Agronometrics in Charts

Agronometrics in Charts: Higher Avocado supply likely to bring promotional prices in the U.S. market

Compared to last year at this time, the supply of avocados right now is higher. During week 41, the avocado supply in the US market was 93.27% Mexican, coming from Michoacan and Jalisco.
October 25 , 2022

Agronometrics in Charts: Asparagus prices in the U.S. market fall due amid heavy Mexican supply

Asparagus prices in the U.S. market are set to decrease this upcoming season due to the effect of earlier Mexican supply.
October 20 , 2022

Agronometrics in Charts: Florida could produce smallest citrus crop since Great Depression

Growers are claiming that they’ve lost at least half their crop to wind damage. In some of the harder hit areas, it could be even worse, with reports of as much as 80% of fruit getting blown off trees on some farms.
October 18 , 2022

Agronometrics in Charts: What’s in store for Chilean cherries in the 2022-23 season?

Chilean cherry producers expect the upcoming season to be highly productive due to favorable climatic conditions during winter, with more rainfall in comparison to the previous season.
October 13 , 2022

Agronometrics in Charts: Inflation and its effects on prices and consumer trends

“Inflation has been accelerating since early fall 2021, drought conditions are severe, consumer confidence is low and grocery patterns are switching very rapidly," says Joe Watson, VP, Retail, Foodservice & Wholesale for IFPA.
October 11 , 2022

Agronometrics in Charts: Grape Exports from Chile expected to fall in 2022-23 season

Grape exports from Chile are expected to fall in the 2022-23 season due to challenging weather conditions and logistics issues.
October 06 , 2022

Agronometrics in Charts: Peru’s blueberry sector waltzing to newer heights

Peru is deemed as the leading exporter of fresh blueberries in the world, and according to projections, the country’s preeminence in the international blueberry market is projected to continue, with blueberries now ranking as its second most important agricultural export after table grapes.
October 04 , 2022

Agronometrics in Charts: U.S. berry sellers are testing blackberry commercial production in Canada

U.S. berry sellers are looking to Canada as severe drought continues to wreak havoc on crops in California. tests are being conducted in order to determine whether commercial production of blackberries and raspberries is viable in the province.
September 28 , 2022

Agronometrics in Charts: Strawberry Crop Continues to Thrive in Mexico

Mexico is the third supplier of strawberries in the international market, but could face tighter supplies for the season due to heavy rains.
September 27 , 2022

Agronometrics in Charts: Peruvian grape industry reaping benefits of varietal diversification

A swift changeover in table grape varieties planted in Peru has been driving demand and has enabled the diversification of markets.
September 23 , 2022