Agronometrics in Charts

Agronometrics Shorts: Mexican asparagus prices plunge amid surplus

During week 10, prices plummeted to $10.85 per package, marking a significant 44% decrease compared to the same period in 2023.
April 11 , 2024

California and Florida strawberry acreage reflect market demand

The trade dynamics of fresh strawberries reveal interesting trends. In 2023, approximately one-fifth of the fresh strawberries available in the United States were imported, with Mexico being the primary source.
April 09 , 2024

Angus Soft Fruits talks multi-generational berry farming in Scotland

Jill Witheyman, Head of Marketing at Angus Soft Fruits, discusses how the firm uses data to advanced and breed new berry varieties in Scotland.
April 04 , 2024

Agronometrics: US raspberry prices doubled in March

According to recent data from the USDA, the volume of raspberries available in the market is notably constrained compared to previous seasons, with an approximate 25% decrease observed for the same period compared to last year's statistics (week 10).
April 02 , 2024

Agronometrics Interviews: Perspectives from Fruit Logistica 2024: Herbert Widmann GmbH

Jan-Henrik zum Felde, Key Account Manager at Herbert Widmann GmbH, discusses blueberry markets and the company's global reach.
March 28 , 2024

Agronometrics Interviews: A look at the Serbian blueberry industry

As orchards mature and achieve optimal yields, Serbia has observed a substantial surge in the export of fresh blueberries, predominantly to key markets such as the Netherlands, Russia, Poland, Germany, and the UK.
March 26 , 2024

Agronometrics in Charts: Chilean table grape season in full swing

The United States is anticipated to absorb approximately 57% of Chilean supplies, equivalent to around 35 million boxes.
March 21 , 2024

Agronometrics in Charts: Peruvian avocados projected to command premiums in the U.S market through June 2024

Peruvian avocados have emerged as a significant player in the global market, capitalizing on their unique seasonality for exports, which spans from May to August.
March 19 , 2024

Agronometrics Shorts: Despite steep drop in 2023, Peruvian blueberry export outlook remains strong - USDA

Despite the underwhelming performance in 2023, Peru remains conducive to rapid testing of new blueberry varieties, with an average testing period of eight months.
March 14 , 2024

Agronometrics Shorts: A look at berry price dynamics in the U.S. market

Heightened consumer awareness regarding the health benefits associated with berries, coupled with their year-round availability, has bolstered domestic demand.
March 12 , 2024