Agronometrics in Charts

Agronometrics in Charts: New data service with grape volumes by variety

This novel data enables our users to track produce movements easily, enabling them to keep an eye on the volumes of varieties arriving on the market.
April 27 , 2023

Agronometrics in Charts: Mexican grape exports to the U.S. projected to increase

Mexico’s Sonora table grape producers association (AALPUM) estimated 21.7 million cartons for the 2023 season, with just over half in green grapes.
April 25 , 2023

Agronometrics in Charts: Production levels for California strawberries expected to reach normalcy by summer

The California Strawberry Commission has reported a considerable decrease in shipped trays, down by 59.8% as of March 18, compared to the previous year.
April 20 , 2023

Agronometrics in Charts: U.S. market witnesses the lowest prices for Chilean cherries in 10 years

North America is currently the second largest market for this Chilean fruit, with 18,894 tons shipped this season.
April 18 , 2023

Agronometrics in Charts: Blueberries become Peru's main agro-export crop, surpassing grapes in value

The country is on track to export a record 287,000 tonnes of blueberries worth $1.4 billion this season, making the produce the country's most valuable agricultural export by value.
April 13 , 2023

Agronometrics in Charts: U.S. market brimming with avocados leading up to Cinco De Mayo

According to a Numerator Basket Affinity Report, consumers spend an extra $1.9 when avocados are included in their shopping baskets in preparation for Cinco de Mayo.
April 11 , 2023

Agronometrics in Charts: Climate change taking a toll on avocado production in Chile

Climate change and prolonged drought in Chile have compelled many producers to move further south, however, since other fruits are grown in southern Chile, there is less room for avocado cultivation there.
April 06 , 2023

Agronometrics in Charts: Reduced Mexican lime output driving up costs in the U.S. market

Currently, the primary supplying regions for limes in Mexico are in the south of country from Tabasco, Oaxaca, and Veracruz though Merida, Jalisco and Sinaloa are also producing.
March 30 , 2023

Agronometrics in Charts: Oversupply in the U.S. grape market sends prices plummeting

March 28 , 2023

Agronometrics in Charts: Price increases imminent as rains wreck havoc on strawberry production in California

According to the California Strawberry Commission, which represents all of the state's growers, around 20% of strawberry fields in the Monterey Bay region south of San Francisco have been flooded.
March 23 , 2023