Agronometrics in Charts

Agronometrics in Charts: California growers capitalizing on the void left behind by the ban on Mexican avocados

US avocado growers have moved quick to harvest and ship their fruit and capitalize on high prices following the suspension of Mexican imports of the fruit in February.
March 03 , 2022

Agronometrics in Charts: Chilean grape prices soaring on expected 22% increase in production

The last couple of months saw low volumes of all varietal groups, especially in white seedless and red seedless, which kept prices climbing throughout the period, with peak prices at $31.70.
March 01 , 2022

Agronometrics in Charts: Revving up for the 87th Florida Strawberry Festival

In recent years, the industry has battled many challenges, however, Florida’s tepid winters enable the state to be an optimal breeding ground for strawberries. 
February 24 , 2022

Agronometrics in Charts: Pacific Northwest’s apples bear the brunt

A relentless winter coupled with supply chain constraints and dire labor shortages significantly reduced apple volumes.
February 22 , 2022

Agronometrics in Charts: Mexico picks up momentum on blueberry production

Growth trends in volume for Mexican blueberries are likely to persist as the country continues to make new plantations.
February 15 , 2022

Agronometrics in Charts: Florida orange crop projected to reach a new low, sending juice prices surging

The second week of February saw orange prices in the vicinity of $ 21.11 per package, a 16 percent increase compared to last season, amid expectations of a record-low Florida crop.
February 10 , 2022

Agronometrics in Charts: Strawberries continue to be a coveted commodity

According to industry sources, volumes in Central Mexico and Florida are expected to continually increase in the coming weeks and are likely to peak in time for Valentine’s Day.
February 08 , 2022

Agronometrics in Charts: Indian mangoes soon to be back on the American platter

This week we evaluate the advent of the Indian mango season and studies its implications for the US market, looking at historical price and volume data.
February 04 , 2022

Agronometrics in Charts: Jalisco joins the ranks of avocado exporters to the U.S.

With Jalisco avocados about to enter the U.S. market, we take a look at historic volumes and prices to get a sense of what could be in store.
January 27 , 2022

Agronometrics in Charts: Peru’s dramatic increase in blueberry production sends pricing to an all time low

According to the latest forecasts, a growth of about 37 percent is expected in quantities shipped to the US by the end of this season in comparison to the previous season. 
January 20 , 2022