USDA, FDA confident no Covid-19 transmission through food or packaging

The FDA and USDA have released a statement expressing confidence that food and food packaging are unlikely causes for the spread of Covid-19.
February 22 , 2021

U.K. food supply chain "steps up" after initial panic, says Tesco

In an unprecedented release prior to its annual fiscal report, Tesco says panic buying is subsiding as it continues to focus on supply chain safety.
April 09 , 2020

Brazil's tropical fruit exports hit by Covid-19

Facing challenges with decreased demand from Covid-19 lockdowns in Europe and as consumers prefer longer-lasting fruit, Brazil's tropical exports suffer.
April 08 , 2020

California avocado harvests slow following March demand spike

The California avocado season is running far ahead of last year following "very strong pull" pull from retailers in early and mid-March amid the coronavirus pandemic, the California Avocado Commission said on Monday.
April 07 , 2020

Costa Rican pineapple export demand decreases 50%

With conflicting information from the government about debt, Costa Rica's pineapple producers are worried about thousands lost as export demand plummets.
April 06 , 2020

U.S.: Unions call for Amazon to close its warehouses

In a letter on Friday, top unions in New York claimed Amazon was reckless in not following social distancing protocol in its facilities.
April 06 , 2020

Argentine citrus exports will be "paralyzed" unless lockdown regulations changed

The Argentine citrus industry will be severely impacted if the government doesn't take immediate action to roll back some regulatory measures designed to mitigate Covid-19, industry body Federcitrus has said.
April 03 , 2020

Australian vegetable industry praises government's investment in airfreight, Ausveg says

Following the annoucement that the Australian government invested US$66.6m in airfreight, Ausveg welcomes the support and projects optmistic outlook.
April 03 , 2020

Kroger sees 30% sales surge

After announcing "hero worker" wages on the frontlines of the pandemic, Kroger experienced a 30% sales surge and borrows US$1bn to mitigate future losses.
April 02 , 2020

Covid-19's impact on Latin American ports, China's fruit pricing and global trade

A new report details the global impact of Covid-19 on fresh produce trade, highlighting Latin America's container shortage and Italy's canceled orders.
April 02 , 2020