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Maersk to discontinue blockchain shipping platform

The blockchain platform did not reach commercial viability and is expected to go offline by Q3 2023.
December 01 , 2022

Northern hemisphere citrus crop to be one of smallest in recent seasons

Production in the region is projected to drop by 13% this season to 26 million tons, according to the World Citrus Organization.
December 01 , 2022

LGS Specialty Sales announces new warehouse expansion

Opening Spring 2023, the new facility will further the company’s mission of vertical integration
December 01 , 2022

EU market is the main destination for Ecuadorian banana, study says

The EU market represents 26% of total shipments of Ecuadorian bananas, making it the South American fruit's main destination during 2022.
December 01 , 2022

Fruit exports going back to normal as Chilean truckers’ strike ends

Authorities announced that a bill will be put in place to maintain the price of diesel and avoid future surges.
November 30 , 2022

Exchange rates key concern for California citrus

While shipping and logistics are a concern, California citrus peak export season is in the January-March timeframe, which otherwise is counter seasonal for many other agricultural products.
November 30 , 2022

New mango varieties to debut in Australia

Scarlet Delight, Mahachanok and Hula varieties will be available at major supermarket chains in Australia for next season.
November 30 , 2022

EU market fresh fruit revenue to grow by 4% annually, report says

The study considered volumes and revenue for fresh apples, pears, bananas, berries, grapes, citrus, peaches, mangos, pineapples, plums, and kiwis.
November 30 , 2022

Full Harvest acquires FarmersWeb

Adding FarmersWeb’s proven software capabilities to its technology pipeline, Full Harvest now has the ability to speed the delivery of advanced features for its produce suppliers and buyers.
November 30 , 2022

Awe Sum Organics’ winter organic table grape season underway

The firm seeks to fill the natural gap in organic table grapes after California finishes up in early December and before growers in Mexico begin harvesting in April or May.
November 29 , 2022