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Agronometrics in Charts: First prices for Chilean cherries on the U.S. market

Ten tonnes, representing around 7% of Chile's total export volumes, were shipped to Miami via air hoping to secure better prices ahead of the season.
November 22 , 2022

Berry Gardens to bring more innovation, varieties to U.K. market following Driscoll’s acquisition

News of the merger first broke in early November, with the two firms having collaborated for the past twenty years. However, the reach of this partnership has barely scratched the surface.
November 22 , 2022

Agronometrics in Charts: Peru takes the crown as the leading exporter of blueberries yet again

The country shipped 153 million kilos of fresh blueberries for $844 million, i.e. 31% more volume than in the same period of the previous campaign 2021-2022.
November 17 , 2022

Chilean cherry production impacted by recent rains

Regarding official data and damage estimates, both the ASOEX’s Cherry Committee and Blueberry Committee will release figures in the coming days. 
November 16 , 2022

Blueberry availability expanding globally - Rabobank

Per capita availability in the U.S. is likely to surpass 1.5kg per person per year, while in the EU-27 and China is expected to show a cumulative growth of about 100% and 200%, respectively, by 2027.
November 15 , 2022

Berries Australia announces changes of the guard

Anthony Poiner of SmartBerries has taken over as the Chair of Berries Australia and Andrew Bell from Mountain Blue is the new the ABGA president. 
November 14 , 2022

Fruitist & Paradise unites partner strengths

Independent berry grower-packer-exporters in Mexico and Peru have entered a joint venture partnership to create a new berry marketing company.
November 14 , 2022

Agroberries to expand blueberry operations into Morocco with €40M investment

Planting has begun and will continue through 2023, according to a press release by the firm. In the coming years, the company intends to further expand its grower network via licensing of its proprietary varieties with a goal of reaching a total of 1,000 hectares across berry  categories.
November 09 , 2022

The North American market remains crucial for the blueberry industry - Rabobank

As one of the main destination markets, the U.S. is focusing on availability as demand for year-round conventional and organic blueberries remains steady.
November 04 , 2022

IBO Report shows a blueberry industry undergoing transformation

The extensive data reveals some interesting trends and forecasts a continued expansion.
November 04 , 2022