Australian company’s bankruptcy endangers mango crop

Australian company’s bankruptcy endangers mango crop

The fate of up to 700 tons of mangoes in Western Australia is in doubt as industry members wonder whether the crop, owned by a bankrupt company, will be picked, according to

Rewards Group, an investment firm that went into receivership in May, owns the fields with 120,000 trees in the Ord Valley, the website said. Last year the site produced a quarter of Western Australia’s mango crop. This year’s crop is expected to yield 700 tons.

Whether the crop will be harvested remains unclear.

Norm Carrol of the Perth Market Authority told the website he had been told not to expect the mangoes to be harvested. Other reports suggest that receivers have locked buildings and machinery.

But the Rewards Growers advocacy group's Mike Butler said the mangoes would be harvested, with alternative equipment if necessary, the website reported.

If the fruit is harvested, marketing it so late in the season may be an issue, Ord Valley Mango Growers Association President Chris Robinson told the website.


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