Chile may begin exporting blueberries to China -

Chile may begin exporting blueberries to China

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Chile may begin exporting blueberries to China

The Chilean exporters group ASOEX hopes to be able to ship blueberries to China in the next few months, adding the fruit to the current Asian exports of table grapes, kiwi, pears, apples, peaches, nectarine and plums, ASOEX President Ronald Bown said in a statement.

Doing so would increase market diversification with a major presence in Asia, added Fedefruta President Antonio Walker. With that, it would be possible to negotiate for better prices, which would ease the low exchange rate.

“Our great hope is Asia, and particularly China, where we have a lot of room to grow,” Walker said in a statement. “Currently we export to the continent 23 million cartons, versus 100 million to Europe and another 100 million to the United States.”

This recognition is another step in the positioning of Chile as a “Country Free of Fruit Flies,” the only country in South America that can use that slogan in the agricultural world. This was recognized by the U.S. Department of Agriculture in June.

Asia receives 10% of Chile’s fruit exports, and half of that goes to China.


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