Harvest Trends week 42 -- 2010

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Harvest Trends week 42 -- 2010

Harvest situation in the Southern Hemisphere, week 42


IQonsulting updated the export estimates for Chilean avocados for the 2010-11 season because a major part of the volume that has been harvested until now has been marketed  locally. The areas where there have been complications with water for irrigation have accelerated the harvest, and a major proportion of the fruit is small. That situation has prompted lower prices in the local market and could influence a small percentage of exports.

Exports are expected to increase starting in the second half of November, although still with the smaller volume that was forecast for this season, which iQonsulting has estimated at 112,000 tons. Exports may increase, but not at the pace that was expected, and as of week 41, shipments to all markets totaled almost 30,000 tons, 67% less than last season.

Source: iQonsulting/www.freshfruitportal.com

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