Costa Rican land area for organic agriculture shrinks -

Costa Rican land area for organic agriculture shrinks

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Costa Rican land area for organic agriculture shrinks

The amount of land for growing certified organic crops in Costa Rica fell between 2006 and 2009, despite a law for development and promotion of organic agriculture, according to local newspaper El Nación.

The reduction from 10,711 hectares to 8,052 hectares is reported by the Accreditation and Registry of Organic Agriculture (ARAO in Spanish) program, according to the website.

The fall especially affects products for export, but also products for internal consumption.

The law, which went into effect in 2006, allows income tax exemptions for 10 years, the elimination of taxes on consumables and from sales tax, but requires certification to receive those legal benefits, the website said. The law was giving a push to organic production in Costa Rica, but equally had to create a market for the products which in various times of the year have higher prices than the conventional products.

Organizations for organic growers recognize the higher price, but say that the price remains stable all year, unlike conventional products, which have many price fluctuations because production fluctuates so much, the website said.

Organic fruits from Costa Rica include avocados, citrus, papaya and bananas.


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