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Rain reduces Chile cherry export forecast by 10%

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Rain reduces Chile cherry export forecast by 10%

Heavy rain in Chile’s cherry growing areas on Dec. 11 has reduced the export projections for the 2010-11 season, according to fruit industry consultancy iQonsulting.

Chile is expected to export 10% less, or 5,200 metric tons. In total, the country is expected to ship 44,871 MT, 34% more than last season. As of Dec. 14, 16,000 MT have been exported, which, considering the new estimate, means the harvest is 35% complete.

The rain mostly affected the cherry harvest from the city of Talca and south. Although some varieties were more affected than others, depending on their level of maturity, the damage is  widespread, because the peak of the harvest in this area was forecast for weeks 50 and 51. The main loss in volume was because of splitting of the fruit. Although there was hail in some areas, the cherries were not affected by it.

The adverse weather did not have an affect on other export crops such as stone fruit, since the harvest is taking place farther north.

Photo: inta.gov.ar

Source: iQonsulting/edited by www.freshfruitportal.com

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