Mexico compiles database to track soil for grapes

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Mexico compiles database to track soil for grapes

The Center for Food Research and Development (CIAD in Spanish) in Mexico has created a database that will help growers know the quality of soil used for table grapes, according to newspaper Publimetro.

The database is part of a project aimed at reducing the loss of grape bunches and was conducted in the summer with an analysis of nutrient reserves in the grapes, the website said.

Miguel Angel Martínez Téllez, a coordinator with the agency, said growers do their own analyses of soil and leaves, but they are not made public. Each has his own database for internal management, and that is why the agency is compiling the information, according to the web site

Martínez Téllez said the project addresses the current problem of bunch loss after flowering.

He said they are currently seeking to determine what is happening inside the plant. Growers applu fertilizer, but do not know whether that will help the plant, the report said.


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