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Uruguay pushes for Iran trade alliance

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Uruguay pushes for Iran trade alliance

Uruguay has broken ranks from widespread western economic sanctions against Iran, as the government aims to export agricultural products to the Middle Eastern country and work with its scientists.

Website America Economía reported Uruguay’s livestock, agriculture and fishing minister Tabaré Aguerre has visited the Islamic Republic of Iran to negotiate commercial markets for the beef, lamb, poultry, citrus, milk, blueberry, wool and rice industries.

Uruguay's blueberry farmers could benefit from government trade talks with Iran

While the U.S. and several western countries impose sanctions against the development of science and technology in Iran, America Economía reported Uruguay also aimed to further technical cooperation in agricultural research, veterinary medicine, animal health and fisheries.

However, the primary purpose of such western sanctions was to prevent the development of nuclear weapons and other military technologies.

The U.S. has also made exceptions with businesses selling products to Iran ranging from cigarettes to bull semen, website Msnbc.msn.com reported.

America Economía reported Aguerre’s schedule included meetings with Iranian ministers of agriculture, trade and industry, presentations to public and private sector representatives, meetings with businesses that accompanied his delegation, as well as visits to production and irrigation facilities.

The news comes amid speculation of a ripple effect in Iran as a result of Egypt’s recent revolution, with a White House representative stating the Iranian government was ‘quite frankly scared of the will of its people’.

Website Alarabiya.net reported the Iranian government had blocked the BBC’s Persian-language language television channel during the Egypt demonstrations.


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