Brazil's orange seed demand skyrockets -

Brazil's orange seed demand skyrockets

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Brazil's orange seed demand skyrockets

High orange prices have led Brazilian farmers to renew their orchards, with one company reporting a 12-month waiting list for seedlings, reported news agency Emissoras Pioneiras de Televisão (EPTV).

Rafael de Oliveira from nursery Rio Claro told EPTV that Brazilian farmers would need to have patience, with so many orange seedlings in demand.

"(It can take) At least 11 to 12 months. There's practically no more changes in the market for delivery," he said.

The story reported the São Paulo Agricultural Defense Coordinator expected nurseries to sell between 10 million and 11 million seedlings this year.

Orange orchards usually perform well after five years, extending to 12 years before crop performance starts to decline, the story reported.


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