Australian scientists confirm apple peels fight cancer

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Australian scientists confirm apple peels fight cancer

Researchers from the University of Melbourne have found antioxidants from concentrated tomato and apple peel waste can reduce the growth of cervical and liver cancer cells, reported magazine Australasian Science.

Appel peel concentrate could combat cancer cell growth

The story reported Dr Said Ajlouni and his PhD student Wei Weit Tow were able to reduce the growth of cancer cells by 85-98% by using apple peel concentrate, while tomato waste concentrate antioxidants also showed considerable success.

Ajlouni told Australasian Science studies have shown before that fruit waste antioxidants can fight cancer cells, but those studies were from fruit tissues rather than the peel.

The test results could be beneficial for fruit companies if they could successfully add antioxidant powders without affecting taste, the story reported.



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