Dole Chile and Oppenheimer unite under Summerkiwi -

Dole Chile and Oppenheimer unite under Summerkiwi

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Dole Chile and Oppenheimer unite under Summerkiwi

Dole Chile and Oppenheimer have joined the ranks of a global corporation that markets and distributes the early-ripening Summerkiwi kiwifruit variety. Chile is expected to export between 180,000 metric tons (MT) and 200,000MT this season with harvesting already underway.

Under the agreement Dole Chile and Oppenheimer will coordinate harvests, quality and packaging, while sharing information between different technical and commercial departments.

Exporters involved with the Summerkiwi Corporation will coordinate harvests, quality and packing

Dole Chile president Juan Pablo Vicuña told one of the company's major producers has Summerkiwi plantations, while Dole's international network will also be helpful.

"This situation, together with the advantages of having this early kiwifruit variety of good quality and condition in our mix of varieties, motivated us to apply for the Summerkiwi Corporation," he says.

"We hope that Dole Chile can contribute with its experience in kiwifruit management with its network of customers worldwide."

He says fruit sugar in the Summerkiwi variety evolves in just 30 days, compared to the Hayward variety which needs more time.

The main markets for Summerkiwi are the U.S. and Asia, namely Japan, China and South Korea. Estimates show the U.S. receives around 80,000MT annually, Asia receives 50,000MT while the rest are exported to Russia, England and Latin America.

The Summerkiwi Corporation already includes Frusan, Lafrut, Copefrut, Unifrutti, Sofruileg, David Del Curto, Subsole.

Chile's Summerkiwi kiwifruit production began last Monday in the Santiago Metropolitan and VI (O'Higgins) regions, registering 6.1 degrees brix with 17% dry matter.


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