Peru's ag wages to match Chile's in 10 years

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Peru's ag wages to match Chile's in 10 years

A Peruvian agricultural consortium has told the country's average agricultural wage could rise from US$15 to US$30 per day in 10 years, with continued labor shortages expected as the industry expands.

Peruvian Agro Consortium (COPERAGRO) manager Ángel Manero said as the agricultural industry grows it will reach a stage where wages are the same as in neighboring Chile, the story reported.

"I do believe that in 10 year's time Peru's agriculture will be bigger than Chile's, and probably every year the remunerations are going to are going to be increasing," he was quoted as saying.

On the topic of labor shortages, Manero acknowledged Peruvians worked intensively in Chile but denied there was a 'leakage' of labor across the border.

"It's a natural process of migration. If you look at Spain, California or Chile, the main use of labor has been in the field," he was quoted as saying.

"Getting a job on the farm is easier than in the city because there is greater demand, because there are fewer demands for qualifications or documentation."

He told the website Peru needs to attract more workers to the rural areas of Piura, Ica and Trujillo, potentially from Cuzco and Puno where there is already a skilled workforce.

He said around 20% of Peru's agricultural labor force is specialized.



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