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Unlocking the benefits of coconut oil

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Unlocking the benefits of coconut oil

"These things are amazing, taste exactly like Bounties. Who'd have thought of that? Chocolate's a bit wierd though, it's like that cheap chocolate you get in advent calendars." Vince Noir on coconuts, The Mighty Boosh.

A chocolate-coated coconut snack might not be the best way to lose weight, but a Brazilian organic food retailer has highlighted the benefits of coconut oil in losing pounds and fighting cancer in an interview with magazine Revista Fator.

Mundo Verde nutrition department coordinator Flávia Morais, told the magazine the antioxidants in coconut oil were well-preserved as no chemical solvents or high temperatures needed to be used in the oil's extraction.

She said the oil was highly beneficial in slowing aging, reducing cholesterol levels and fighting chronic diseases like cancer, while a study showed it reduced body mass index (BMI) through medium-chain triglycerides that were rapidly absorbed and increased energy expenditure, the story reported.

Morais also pointed to coconut oil's richness in lauric acid, which is an antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral and antiprotozoal fat, while its cosmetic application improved skin health.

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