Bolivia to pass new transgenics law -

Bolivia to pass new transgenics law

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Bolivia to pass new transgenics law

The Bolivian Government is set to pass a bill allowing the use and development of genetically modified (GM) food, website reported.

Government Minister Carlos Romero Bonifaz said the approval would be part of the Productive Revolution, Community and Agricultural law, under articles 15 and 19, the story reported.

Carlos Romero Bonifaz

The law currently only allows the production of transgenic soybeans.

Association of Oilseed and Wheat Producers (ANAPO) president Demetrio Pérez said the move would lead to a reduction of food prices, particularly for the livestock industry.

"GM seeds protect against drought, diseases or floods, like with corn which is threatened by worms, but with new technology it would have more resistance," Pérez was quoted as saying.

Deputy Minister of Rural Development Víctor Hugo Vásquez, told the website the GM seed regulations would come into place once the law is enacted on Jun. 21.

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