U.S. market in sight for Aussie mangoes

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U.S. market in sight for Aussie mangoes

The Australian mango industry is hoping to replicate its success in the New Zealand market with potential U.S. entry in 2012.

Australian Mango Industry Association (AMIA) chairman Peter Delis told www.freshfruitportal.com original expectations were for approval late this year, but Biosecurity Australia has indicated 2012 will be more likely.

“Certainly there are opportunities there or otherwise the negotiations wouldn’t be in place, and I think what’s happened in New Zealand is a good example,” he says.

“The New Zealand mango market has grown exponentially and that was with the Mexican or Florida-type variety; that’s what New Zealand consumers were used to and our product stood out.

“If you look at the U.S. they’re predominantly getting the Mexican and Florida varieties, so when they’re looking for something different that’s where a market could open up for us.”

Delis says the industry is not yet sure when the protocols will be finalized next year, but hopes they will be done in time to give growers enough notice for planning.

Australia’s main mango variety is Kensington Pride, also known as the Bowen mango, while other varieties such as R2E2, Keitt, Calypso and Honey Gold are also grown.

The industry has recently seen good uniform flowering of crops, but Delis says it is still too early to tell what the result will be in terms of fruit development, which should be seen in about six weeks time.

“The mango industry isn’t in the business of growing flowers; we’re in the business of selling mangoes.

“Flowering is not an indicator of what’s to come. Yes, there’s been good flowering but we’ve had that before and it amounted to very little – it depends on a lot of factors.”

Photo: www.mangoes.net.au


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