New tomato varieties launched in Kenya -

New tomato varieties launched in Kenya

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New tomato varieties launched in Kenya

Kenya-based Orion Seed Company has launched two new hybrid non-GMO (genetically modified organism) tomato seeds, website reported.

Orion East Africa CEO Ruo Maina said the release of the Erika F1 and Vitamin F1 tomato varieties could help feed the world, highlighting China's large population and use of conventional farming techniques, the story reported.

At the launch Maina urged the government not to rush in to allow GMO foods, highlighting a need to adequately address biosecurity concerns and conduct sufficient research.

Orion describes its F1 tomatoes as disease tolerant and globe-shaped with brix between 6-6.5 degrees, weighing between 190-200g each.

"(sic)An early maturity F1 Hybrid that is vigorous variety and tolerant to heat. This tomato has high tolerance to Bacterial wilt and is resistant to TMV(Tm-1), F1, V and N. Suitable for house planting (200kg per hectare)," Orion says on its website.

The launch coincided with the inauguration of Kenya's National Seed Policy.

Photo: Orion East Africa

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