Westfalia Fruit celebrates arrival of Kenyan avocados to India

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Westfalia Fruit celebrates arrival of Kenyan avocados to India

A year after launching its first avocado ripening facility in India, Westfalia Fruit celebrates the arrival of its first sea-frighted consignment of Kenyan avocados in India.

India has become an essential market for avocado farming and trading companies. According to the World Avocado Organization, avocado imports to India between 2019-2020 and 2022-2023 have seen a 450% growth, from 397 metric tons in 2019-20 to 2210 metric tons in 2022-23

The market for imported avocados in the country has grown 100% year-on-year in the last two years, and Westfalia Fruit India has established itself as the market's largest importer of avocados, with over 50% of avocado sales in the country done by the company.

Westfalia also handles over 60% of Tanzanian avocado exports to India and 85% of imported Australian avocados, also introduced to the country by the company. They source from Tanzania, Kenya, Peru, Chile, and Australia enabling consistent year-round availability for Indian consumers.

In 2024 the company had its first commercial harvest in India. Westfalia expects to harvest more than 500 acres of existing hass plantations in the future.

Zac Bard, Business Development Executive at Westfalia Fruit, said East Africa is a key region for fulfilling the Indian avocado demand.

"With its long extended season between different growing regions and Tanzania with its duty benefits into India will play an important role," he said. "With new market access granted for Australia and South Africa, it will provide us an opportunity to extend the season all year round and also supplement the East African volumes as the demand for good Hass avocados grows in India."

The fruit is expected to become the second most traded fruit in the world after 2030, second to bananas. 

The Global Avocado Summit organized by the Chilean Avocado Committee and Yentzen Group will be held on November 21 at the Casino Monticello event center.

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