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U.S.: Delaware Governor extends port contract with Chile

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U.S.: Delaware Governor extends port contract with Chile

Since 1993 Chilean transport company Pacific Seaways has exported more than 230 million cartons of fruit to the Port of Wilmington, in the U.S. state of Delaware. On a recent visit to Chile, Delaware Governor Jack Markell signed a renewed contract between the two entities that will last until 2014.

Markell gave thanks to Chilean exporters for helping support 600 jobs in the port and the contribution of around US$2.6 million in taxes to the state of Delaware annually.

Delaware Governor Jack Markell

"In a challenging economy like that which our country is faced with, the only way out is to grow, and the best opportunity we have to grow is to work with countries like Chile who are on a good growth path," he says.

Pacific Seaways executive director Francisco Labarca hailed the 18-year-old contract as a success, linking Chilean industry to the U.S.' main port of arrival for fresh fruit.

"The growth of Pacific Seaways Group and the Port of Wilmington is an example of a successful history of partnership and co-operation, which has had positive results for both Chilean producers and exporters, and for the state of Delaware," he says.

Labarca said Chile has come a long way to reach its current position on the U.S. East Coast, which receives around 70 million cases annually from the South American country and accounts for 29% of its fruit exports.

Photo: www.markell.org


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