Chilean Citrus Committee releases new frost impact results

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Chilean Citrus Committee releases new frost impact results

The Chilean Citrus Committee has cut export volume estimates by 10% for navel oranges, lemons and mandarins due to frosts this year.

The revised figure follows previous estimates that fresh citrus exports to the U.S. would rise 10% on 2010 figures, but seedless navels are still expected to lead Chilean varieties in volume during their season from June through October.

The committee says mandarin forecasts have been cut back to similar volumes as in 2010, while the clementine crop showed 'little or no damage'.

Data produced by Chicago-based The Perishables Group shows citrus demand is on an upswing with more growth projected, while the category is now a staple in produce departments.

Imported fruit is key for retailers in closing seasonal supply gaps, which means Southern Hemisphere suppliers like Chile need to work hard to ensure fruit quality despite weather problems. To meet this challenge the Chilean Citrus Committee has a training program to show growers and shippers how to inspect fruit for freeze damage.

Photo: Infoagro

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