Chile's early maturing cherries suffer rain damage

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Chile's early maturing cherries suffer rain damage

Spring rains earlier this week have affected up to a third of early maturing cherries in some growing regions in Chile, according to a report by iQonsulting.

The market researcher reported preliminary damage estimates of between 20-30% in the Sagrada Familia and Sarmiento areas of the VII (Maule) region. Rains also fell in the VI (O'Higgins) region but iQonsulting said the effects would not be significant, even though some growers are taking action to prevent fungal problems.

In Maule the early Royal Dawn and Books varieties experienced splitting, but varieties such as Lapins and Bings are unlikely to be affected given their later stage of development.

Hail storms in the city of Linares did not cause significant damages, however surface damages were registered in some areas of the Andean foothills. The magnitude of these damages is still under evaluation.

The consultancy said it didn't expect overall cherry production to be significantly affected but would give a more detailed assessment next week.

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