U.S. consumers change buying habits, claims Oppenheimer

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U.S. consumers change buying habits, claims Oppenheimer

U.S. middle class shoppers are switching to cheaper supermarkets in search of a bargain but dollar fruit sales have increased, claimed importer Oppenheimer.

Chief operation officer Doug Grant told PMA members shoppers were consolidating trips to save on fuel and buying generic rather than branded products.

"The middle class are trading down to Walmart while the wealthier people want healthy wholefoods.

"There is a polarization of buying behaviour."

He said 72% of U.S. consumers were now making shopping lists, 85% were reading store circulars and 33% were shopping online.

Total dollar fruit sales in the U.S. were up this year by 2.3% with blueberries doing particularly well with a 5.4% rise.

"It's really amazing what is happening with blueberries which accounted for a quarter of all berry consumption."

Grant said modest growth was predicted for the U.S. economy next year as the country battled to reduce its national debt of between US$12 to 13 trillion.

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