U.S. Scientists discover avocado seeds could be a valuable asset

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U.S. Scientists discover avocado seeds could be a valuable asset

The commercial value of avocado seeds could rise significantly following a study that found they have potential to be used for natural food colorants, website Foodnavigator.com reported.

A Pennsylvania State University study, published in the Journal of Food Science, shows when the seeds are crushed in water along with air they generate an orange hue.

Enzymatic treatment of the seeds results in a stable orange color which could provide a source of sustainable natural colorants for the food processing industry.

Lead researcher Dr Gregory Ziegler said consumers associate color with flavor, sweetness, saltiness and safety.

"Color plays a key role in determining the expectations and perceptions of consumers with respect to food. It is one of the most obvious characteristics of food and, if not appealing, negatively impacts on consumer acceptance," he was quoted as saying.

Ziegler said consumers were increasingly regarding artificial colorants as undesirable.

"There is a growing public and scientific interest in the development of natural alternatives to synthetic colorants in food," he said.

Currently, avocado seeds are not commercial and account for 16% of the weight of the fruit.

Ziegler and his team are conducting more studies to asses the potential qualities of the seed extract in model foods, and the potential antioxidant and anti-cancer properties.

Photo: Otramedia.com


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