Australia launches fresh apple marketing campaign

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Australia launches fresh apple marketing campaign

With New Zealand expecting to ship more apples to its Trans-Tasman neighbor this year, the Australian industry has launched a promotional campaign to drive sales of the domestic product.

Media agency the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) reported the Australian Apple and Pear Growers Association (APAL) are behind the AUD$1 million (US$1.06 million) campaign, which includes an 'Aussie Apple' sticker to distinguish local produce.

"It's to identify and stand us out from the rest of the pack so that when we do continue to get more imported fruit that out consumers will be easily able to identify the Aussie apple by this brand," Apple and Pear Growers of South Australia president Michael Nicol told the ABC.

The 'Aussie Apples' campaign has the slogan "...from a better place" with nostalgic and colorful photos, as well as short a short paragraph highlighting the Australian conditions that help apple production.

"Australia's unique environment produces some of the finest food and produce in the world - including Aussie Apples. It's a combination of our varied climate and our famous Aussie sunshine. In simple terms, more sunshine equals a sweeter apple with the bright colors you know and love," one poster says.

Photo: Aussie Apples

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