Apple and cherry utilized production grows in NW

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Apple and cherry utilized production grows in NW

The North West states of Washington and Oregon are experiencing an increase in utilized production of various fruit products, according to the latest report by the USDA

The most significant growth in utilized production was in apples and sweet cherries in both states. 

In Oregon, apple utilized production totaled 157 million pounds in 2023, up 21% from the previous year. While utilized production of sweet cherries in the state totaled 38,450 tons in 2023, up 35% from the previous year.

In Washington, apple utilized production totaled  7.38 billion pounds in 2023, up 25% from the previous year. However, the value of utilized production was $1.99 billion, down  4% from 2022.  

For sweet cherries, the value of utilized production totaled  205,730 tons in 2023, up 47% from the previous year, and the value of utilized production was $290 million, down 27% from 2022.  

In 2023, commercial apple production in Washington reached its highest volume since 2014, reaching just over 7.6 billion pounds of apples, this makes it the top apple producing state in the United States.

In 2022, the state suffered from a very cold spring, with snow that inhibited pollination during bloom. That year, the states production fell to 6.1 billion pounds. 

On the other hand, Oregon produced 158 million pounds of apples during 2023. 

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