Kenya bans dimethoate

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Kenya bans dimethoate

The Kenyan Government has banned the use of dimethoate after US$238 million (KES20 billion) worth of fruit and vegetable exports were denied entry to the European Union market last year, website reported.

Agriculture secretary Wilson Songa told the website contracts were cancelled for the products, including French beans and  passion fruit, as they exceeded the allowed limit of 0.02 parts per million of dimethoate.

"This problem has led to the threat of Kenyan produce being sanctioned by the EU and already the situation is under surveillance by European authorities," Songa was quoted as saying.

The substance is in 25 different pesticides used on the Kenyan market and is considered dangerous to the environment, marine life, bees and livestock, the story reported.

"The 25 or so pesticides are now being relabelled because local and foreign markets have rejected its use," Songa was quoted as saying.

Photo: Business Daily Africa

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