Brazil seeks to pass national açaí authenticity law

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Brazil seeks to pass national açaí authenticity law

The Brazilian government is currently discussing a bill that looks to trademark the açaí berry as a national fruit to avoid foreign companies using the word, website reported.

The proposal has been approved by the senate and seeks to guarantee dominance for the Brazilian Amazon region in the global market for the fruit, which is used in food and cosmetics products.

"By declaring açaí a national fruit, the goal is to draw attention to the nutritional and economic potential that is kept in the Amazon Rainforest. Moreover, it is important for assuring the full use of the country's biodiversity," senator Flexa Ribeiro - who proposed the bill - was quoted as saying.

The story reported Japanese company K.K. Eyela Corporation patented the fruit in 2003, but the Brazilian government was able to cancel the registration in 2007. Brazilian authorities have also been in court to question the use of the brand by U.S., German and English companies.

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