US fruit and nut exports grow, but Latin American imports stay strong

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US fruit and nut exports grow, but Latin American imports stay strong

The value of fresh fruit exports from the United States increased 20% year on year,  to $​​1.7 billion in value from October 2023 to February 2024, according to USDA data released Monday.

Meanwhile, fresh fruit export volume increased 22% to 934,000 metric tons. 

Tree nut exports also enjoyed a 36% increase to $5.1 billion in value. Export volume for the category increased 32% to 1.1 million metric tons.

The increase in fresh fruit and nut exports bucks the overall decline in U.S. agricultural exports by 7% to $78.9 billion in value. Notable declines were reported in the export values for wheat, down 29%, and soybeans, down 30%.

Prepared fruits and fruit juices also saw export declines, down 8% and 1% in value, respectively.

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Growth for top fresh importers

Agricultural imports to the United States outpace exports. Overall imports saw a modest 2% increase in customs value to $82.9 billion. Fresh and frozen fruits grew 11% in value to $9 billion.

Prepared fruits and fruit preserves remained stagnant at $1.8 billion. Fruit juice imports also grew 6% to $1.5 billion.

Latin America continues to dominant fruit imports to the country, with Mexico, Peru and Chile in the lead.

Eight of the top 10 suppliers of fresh and frozen fruit imports saw value growth over the October 2023 to February 2024 period. The top five spots were Mexico (up 8.4%), Peru (22.4%), Chile (7.6%), Guatemala (8.2%) and Costa Rica (15.7%).  The only countries to experience a decline during the window were Canada, down 1.8%, and Honduras, down 0.4%.

February 2023 vs February 2024

October-February 2023 vs October-February 2024


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