Southern Hemisphere pome fruit volumes forecast to fall in 2012

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Southern Hemisphere pome fruit volumes forecast to fall in 2012

Southern Hemisphere apple and pear crops are predicted to drop by 2% and 1% for 2012, according to the latest data by the World Apple and Pears Association (WAPA).

Apple export figures are expected to decrease by 4% to 1,664,163 MT, while pear exports are expected to be 14% higher at 721,991MT.

WAPA said production dates for Argentina might need further adjustment following adverse climatic conditions.

President Kevin Moffit said release of the data was WAPA's contribution to increased transparency of the world apple and pear business and his organization was involved in putting together a similar forecast for the Northern Hemisphere.

"WAPA will continue its efforts to aggregate at international level production and trade data to enhance transparency, cooperate on quality as well as on specific dossiers such as nutrition and health, as well as sharing experiences and best practices on promotion and image of apple and pears," he said.

Argentina's apple crop is expected to drop by 9% in 2012 to 950,000MT and Brazil too is forcast to slump by 5% to 1,187,000MT, while Chile is expected to see a 2% rise to 1,821,000MT.

South Africa is the only Southern Hemisphere member country which is expected to show a rise in pear volumes by 2% at 368,000MT.


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