Mexican avocado exports to U.S. on upward trajectory

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Mexican avocado exports to U.S. on upward trajectory

Mexico increased its exports to the U.S. by 25% for the year ended Jun. 31 and is bullish it can continue to grow the market significantly through strong promotional campaigns.

The Michoacán Association of Exporters and Packers (APEAM) marketing director Eduardo Serena, said 2012-13 was predicted to see a 5-6% increase in exports from 781.5 million lbs to around 825 million lbs, but added this was a conservative forecast.

"This year was particularly good. We had a very important increase.

"We have a program from the Fall to winter which we presented to importers in the U.S. with TV and radio commercials as 28% of volume is sold during this key period."

He said Nielsen Research showed avocados were the fourth-fastest growing fruit in the produce department after cherries, potatoes and squash pumpkin.

The first three months of 2012 the Michoacán Association of Exporters and Packers (APEAM) recorded a 32% year-on-year rise with 206, 667, 978 lbs exported to the U.S.

U.S. importers were positive demand would continue to grow in the forseeable future for Mexican Hass avocados.

Giumarra Agricom International general manager Bruce Dowhan, said an increasingly greater percentage of his supply was coming from the Mexico-dominated volume versus California.

"There is a lot of opportunity for growth. There are certain regions in the country where usage of avocados is low. We believe there is a great opportunity to create demand. I don't see why we shouldn't have 2 billion lbs of demand a year in the near future."

He said the North East and Midwest states of the U.S. were markets where there was room for growth.

LGS Speciality Sales avocado category manager Ed Figueroa, said fears in the past of oversupply were unfounded.

"A few years ago we were in a panic about 1 billion lbs in the marketplace but every year we have been surprised that demand has continued to grow.

"The trade associations have done a wonderful job in creating demand. It's very well organized and the marketing associations, importers and exporters they continually talk to each other other."

He said imports had increased by about 20% in the last fortnight for the forthcoming July 4th celebrations.

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