Colombian Hass avocado industry announces new country brand

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Colombian Hass avocado industry announces new country brand

The Colombian Hass Avocado industry has announced the launch of a new country brand to represent it in global markets. The Avocados from Colombia initiative highlights Hass avocado as a benchmark for sustainability across three areas: environmental, social, and economic.

Avocados are Colombia's third most-exported fruit and the second-highest income-generating fruit. They are exported to more than 30 countries, representing the nation globally. Grown amidst a unique tropical landscape, this fruit is a source of income for at least 240,000 people in the Colombian agricultural sector, accounting for 17% of national employment. 

The new brand, Avocados from Colombia, was born to increase market share, distinguish its fruit from other origins, and showcase the industry’s good practices, quality standards, and contributions to Colombia’s economic, environmental, and social well-being.

"Colombian avocados will be exported under this brand as a differentiator,” stated Katheryn Mejía Vergel, executive director of Corpohass, the association representing the Hass Avocado ecosystem. “Distributors, supermarkets, and consumers will appreciate its emphasis on sustainable development, including the protection of natural resources, economic impact, and job creation, among other factors that promote well-being and quality.” 

Avocados from Colombia 

Avocados from Colombia is inspired by the passion and pride Colombians have for their culture, authenticity, and country's natural wealth. Colombia is one of the most biodiverse countries on the planet, often referred to as megadiverse, and home to the largest number of orchid and bird species on Earth. 

Avocados are known to require large amounts of water for mature growth. This is where Colombia has an edge. Colombian avocados do not rely on manmade irrigation as most other regions around the world do. Its 35,000 hectares of avocados currently planted are naturally irrigated with plentiful rainfall.

“… initiatives like this are key to continue positioning the country and its territories in international markets and to continue increasing business with Colombia with a focus on sustainability,” said Carmen Caballero, president of ProColombia. “Count on us to continue supporting you on that path to success.”

A Global Reach for Colombian Avocados

The United States and the European Union have been the primary destinations for Colombian Hass avocados, representing the second largest source of formal employment in Colombia. On June 3, the Colombian Navy’s esteemed flagship, ARC Gloria, recognized as the nation’s floating ambassador, served as the venue for unveiling the new Avocados from Colombia brand in Antwerp, Belgium. Moving forward, this brand will proudly represent Colombian Hass avocados and showcase the country's identity internationally.

“Supporting this launch is a source of pride and joy for the Colombian Embassy,” added the Ambassador of Colombia in Belgium, Jorge Rojas Rodríguez. “The ARC Buque Gloria brings with it all the flavor of Colombian Hass – the love with which our producers cultivate it and the dedication with which they protect the forests, fauna, water, and our mountains.” 

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