Peruvian blueberries make first U.S. commercial shipment

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Peruvian blueberries make first U.S. commercial shipment

The first ever commercial shipment of Peruvian blueberries arrived to the United States this week.

North American fresh produce distributor Gourmet Trading Company made the historic announcement yesterday, telling that a few pallets landed successfully in Newark, New Jersey.

Gourmet Trading Company president Brian Miller was pleased to expand the company's work with Peru.

“We’re excited to expand our product line in Peru. We pride ourselves in being innovative here at Gourmet Trading Company,” Miller said in a company statement.

The Los Angeles, California distributor will continue to receive Peruvian blueberries until the end of the holiday season.

Fall Creek farm and nursery manager Cort Brazelton told, Peru was now "on the radar" but its volumes needed to be put in context.

"A grower in the Pacific Northwest still picks more blueberries before lunch than the whole country of Peru, but Peru's commercial volumes are starting," Brazelton said.

Brazelton congratulated the Gourmet Trading Company for its work in the region.

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