Ecuador to cut back banana land in 2013

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Ecuador to cut back banana land in 2013

The Ecuadorian government plans to implement measures that will cut back the country's banana-growing surface area by 15,000-20,000ha in 2013, newspaper El Telegrafo reported. banana_56870893

The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Aquaculture and Fishing (MAGAP) said the decision was already made, with the goal of controlling the fruit's supply and its quality.

The story reported Ecuador has around 230,000ha of the fruit planted, but only 170,000ha are registered.

MAGAP zone 5 coordinator Carlos Vélez told the newspaper the actions against growers who have exceeded limits will be as the law demands.

"The banana sector cannot support more hectares of fruit, so the measure is to control illegal plantations or increases in cultivated hectares," he was quoted as saying.

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