New potatoes offer best of Latin America, Europe

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New potatoes offer best of Latin America, Europe

Spanish researchers have produced four clones of potatoes noted for their antioxidant content, disease resistance and strong production size and quantity, América Economía reported.potatoes_square

Nieker-Tecnalia announced that three potatoes with purple-colored interior were developed and one with a marked yellow interior.

Researchers sought to develop potatoes with South American characteristics in terms of color, nutritional value, pathogen resistance and sensory appeal. On the other hand, they also hoped to produce potatoes much like those commercially sold in Europe with high production.

From the International Potato Center in Peru, the researchers brought in 37 varieties that were then breed with European commercial varieties. The four chosen are thought to have the best characteristics of the varieties produced.

The new cultivars are said to have "very acceptable" yield compared to other Peruvian varieties brought to Europe for production, according to América Economía.

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