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Peru's table grape debut in Japan nears 2,500 tons

February 22 , 2024

Peruvian grapes reached the Japanese market for the first time during the 2023-24 season. Alejandro Cabrera, general manager of Provid, says the debut campaign was a big success.

"By week 5, we had exported 300,000 boxes of 8.2 kilos," Cabrera told "That is more than two million kilos, almost 2,500 tons exported from Peru to Japan in the first year they could receive our fruit." 

Provid, along with PomPeru and Peru's office of foreign trade in Japan, promoted the fruit in 30 supermarkets located in Tokyo, Saitama, Kanagawa, and Chiba. An estimated 10,000 people tried Peruvian grapes in two days. 

"This is undoubtedly an important milestone for the Peruvian table grape industry and an opportunity to demonstrate the quality and condition of the fruit in one of the most demanding markets. Entering Japan reinforces that we are a reliable and safe supply," Cabrera said.


Through week 5 of 2024, Peru had exported more than 14 varieties, with Allison accounting for nearly 22% of all shipments.

In second place is Red Globe, a classic red variety with seeds, representing 19% of volume. In third place is Sweet Globe, a green seedless variety, which represents 16% of shipments, followed by Autumn Crisp, a green seedless variety with 14% of the share.


Regarding prices in the Japanese market, Cabrera pointed to the issue of supply and demand.

"We know that Peru has had a lower supply this year, due to weather conditions," he said. "In some weeks there have been more aggressive volumes, which has a repercussion and impact on average prices. However, there is still fruit that is in transit."

He emphasized that shipments to Asia are in transit for 30-35 days.

"So, some fruit that has left Peru has not yet reached its destination. We have to see how prices will behave in these last weeks of Peruvian campaign," he said.

Industry projections

Cabrera is optimistic about the potential for growth in Japan.

"Without a doubt, the volume will increase next season and I believe that in the short term, Japan will be positioned among the top 10 markets for Peruvian grapes," he said.

Chile and Peru will meet on August 8, in the first Global Grape Convention, to be held at the Monticello Casino Events Center, to discuss the leading challenges facing the industry.

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