Peru grants approval for Korea pear and pepper imports

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Peru grants approval for Korea pear and pepper imports

South Korea's plant quarantine authorities have reached an agreement with their Peruvian counterparts to allow exports of bell peppers and pears to the Andean country. Nashi Pear small - Wikimedia Commons _ Fir0002

A release from South Korea's Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (MAFRA) said the decision followed from an export permission request that was sent in December, 2011.

Green fruits cultivated in Korea have not previously been allowed in Peru, but a set of quarantine requirements was established after consultations between the two countries in June.

Growers wanting to export their pears or bell peppers to Peru will need apply for packhouse registration with their local authority of the Animal and Plant Quarantine Agency, and have their crops checked by a quarantine officer before the harvesting period.

"Peru is the second Latin American country to grant Korea permission for fruit export since the settlement of requirements for apple and pear exports to Chile," the release said.

"The settlement of export requirements is expected to establish a bridgehead for Korean fruit exports to the Latin America.

"The Animal and Plant Quarantine Agency said that they will be making efforts to develop new export markets for major fruits and vegetables."

The U.S. is currently the top receiver of Korean pears with 8,145 metric tons (MT) in 2012, followed by Thailand (6,317MT), Canada (206MT) and Indonesia (186MT).

Japan is the biggest buyer by far of Korean bell peppers, with 21,216MT purchased in 2012, followed by Australia (3MT), the U.S. (1.86MT) and Russia 1.5 (MT).

Photo: Wikimedia Commons, Fir0002


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