Colombia: tropical fruit powder maintains nutritional value

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Colombia: tropical fruit powder maintains nutritional value

Colombia's Amazonian Research Institute (Sinchi) is working to develop alternative products using local fruits, including a dried fruit powder derived from acai, camu camu and cupuaçu.sinchi

Based on 18 months of work, the powder comes in a microcapsule that conserves the bioactive compounds of the fruit and could offer a commercial alternative for the local industry.

Scientists have their eye on adapting the dried fruits for use as food supplements or in cosmetics, explained Sinchi researcher María Soledad Hernández.

"We began our work with the concept of value chain management and then moved to utilization topics. These technologies showed us that there was a use for pasty pulps taken from Colombian fruits," Hernández said.

Regarding dried fruits, the researcher said the team sought a product that would maintain the fruits' properties and extend shelf life. The product also comes with the benefit of needing little maintenance.

"We found that there was a very interesting option for spray drying where we combined two aspects: it is a fast dry and it allows the compounds to be encapsulated and protected," she said.

Hernández said this product could be an initial step toward market development and promotions for athletes and others who need diet supplements.

"We hope this appeals to various niche focuses for special dietary foods. This can be directed at athletes and runners, among a large group of possible consumers. Everything is focused on well-being," she said.


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