US agriculture products find promising market in Colombia

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US agriculture products find promising market in Colombia

A new report from the USDA shows huge potential for the United States in Colombia, as the country positions itself as the main Latin American importer of U.S. agricultural products. 

Since 2012, when the U.S.-Colombia Trade Promotion Agreement was implemented, U.S. agricultural exports have grown by more than 235 percent to a record $3.7 billion in 2023. The agreement provides duty-free access to the Colombian market for more than half of U.S. food and beverage exports, including most processed products.

The report highlights that opportunities are growing as Colombian incomes rise and retail outlets expand. 

As macroeconomic conditions improve in Colombia, Latin America's third-most populous country, consumers should enjoy more purchasing power. 

Reports from Bogota show formal retailers now account for 60% of food distribution. A proliferation of supermarkets and mid-sized grocery stores offers a variety of fresh and processed foods, and a streamlined shopping experience.

The report adds U.S. exporters have a high potential to provide low-sugar and sodium ingredients to Colombia’s food processing industry, which accounts for 27% of the country’s manufacturing sector by value.

Customs clearance in Colombia is generally fast and unproblematic. U.S. exporters, however, should ensure products align with current Colombian regulations for straightforward entry, the USDA recommends.

For additional information, refer to USDA’s most recent Exporter Guide and FAIRS Report.

Products low in sugar and unhealthy fats will fare favorably, the USDA says, as will on-the-go options that accommodate Colombia’s active, metropolitan consumers.  

The department recommends U.S. businesses travel to the Colombia to participate in trade shows, forge ties with importers, and collect industry-specific intelligence on product distribution. 

Last year, the U.S. exported 32.4 million worth of noncitrus fresh fruits to Colombia, according to data by the USDA.

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