Chile extends agricultural emergency measures to Metropolitan region

October 10 , 2013

Chile now has four regions in a state of agricultural emergency following a recent government announcement to provide support to 18 zones near the country’s capital Santiago.

Chilean Agriculture Minister Luis Mayol

Chilean Agriculture Minister Luis Mayol

The emergency measures will apply in the Metropolitan region zones of Colina, Lampa, Til-Til, Buin, Calera de Tango, Paine, Alhué, Curacaví, María Pinto, San Pedro, Melipilla, Talagante, El Monte, Padre Hurtado, Peñaflor, Isla de Maipo, Pirque and San José de Maipo.

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Agriculture Minister Luis Mayol said the decree “adds to the Agricultural Emergency zones of the VI, VII regions and part of the V [region], in which we are looking to support – with greater effort and resources – the families that have been seriously affected by the frosts that attacked a large part of the country”.

“Starting now we are commencing immediate negotiations with the public organizations that correspond.”

Metropolitan region Intendant Juan Antonio Peribonio said the measures would especially help small and medium growers.

“We cannot fight against nature but we can take concrete actions to mitigate its damages,” Peribonio said.

A Ministry of Agriculture (MINAGRI) release said the new measures would amount to CLP800 million (US$1.597 million).


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