Indian companies form fruit export venture

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Indian companies form fruit export venture

India's IG International and Sunil Shejwal  from Atharva International have formed a joint venture to export fruits and vegetables - particularly grapes - to global markets.

A company release said the new entity, Sanvi Fresh'N'Frozen International Pvt. Ltd, was formed to make the most of strong prices for grapes while tackling challenges such as minimum residue limits (MRLs) and competition with South Africa and Israel.

"Grape cultivation in India has been commercially taken up under a wide range of soil and climatic conditions. The export earnings from a unit area of Indian grapes is much higher when compared to that from a unit area of Indian mango," the release prepared by IG's Tarun Arora and Sunil Shejwal said.

"During  past  export seasons, some of the exported consignments had pesticide residue that was more than the maximum residue level (MRL).

"As a result, European Union ordered testing of pesticide residue in all the consignments. This action led to delay in the sale of produce in the market and also the rejection of some consignments."

The release mentioned that the Indian grape harvest season went from November and extended to the first week of May, while the export season finished in April.

"The core business activity of Sanvi Fresh'N'Frozen International Pvt. Ltd.. will be the export of grapes and other fresh fruits, vegetables and processed agro products to Europe, the U.S.A., Far Eastern countries and the Middle East.

"In his inaugural address, Mr Tarun Arora of the joint venture company mentioned that there is also potential for increase in the export of Indian grape to Asian countries like China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand and Indonesia in which higher prices can be fetched for quality Indian grapes.

"Mr Sunil Shejwal while talking to press said there is a need to increase the share of Indian grapes in the imports of European countries like the U.K., Germany, France and the Netherlands."

Sunny Saluja will be the new venture's marketing director.

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